Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Article of the Month “Open as in Open Access”

les Nouvelles December 2018 Article of the Month is “Open as in Open Access” written by David Ball and William Bird.

This paper examines the problems of access to non-patent literature and the development and implications of Open Access literature with comparisons to patent literature. It also provides a guide to enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of discovery and retrieval of Open Access literature. Significant strides have been made in, on the one hand, maintaining and developing the IP system worldwide and, on the other, in easing access to enormous amounts of scientific and engineering disclosures. Open Access is presented as a significant and healthy growth of accessible publishing. Although the business model for non-patent literature has been different traditionally from that of patents, recently there has been a move to favour Open Access. It appears that adequate income is still being generated for non-patent literature publishers who use an Open Access strategy. 

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