On March 8, 2017, members of the LES Benelux Board celebrated a special dinner with the Guest of Honour – Dr. Nicole Antheunis. Nicole had decided to step down from the Board in 2016 after 10 years of service in the Board. Nicole is a member of LES Benelux, ANBPPI, CIPA, LIEU, and PROTON Europe. Her LES membership was approved in April 2001. Nicole is a Certified Licensing Professional and EuKTS expert, a IP Manager in the tech transfer department, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Liege. She was actively involved since 2010 in the Exam Development Committee for Certified Licensing Professionals that she has co-chaired from 2012 to 2015. Nicole worked earlier in her career as research scientist and patent agent at Dow Corning. She is Doctor in Science from Free University of Brussels and has studied Intellectual Property at University of Strasbourg.

Allen Norris, Past President of LES Benelux remembers Nicole:  “My thanks go out to Nicole for her long and distinguished term on the Board. As I recall with great pleasure, it was Nicole’s perseverance which led us to try events at and with academic institutions, starting with the University in Liege, which have since proved most rewarding and have taken their routine place in our yearly calendar of events.”

Allen is correct. She was the initiator of the very successful and highly rated full day Topic Meetings in cooperation with Liege University: on 15 September 2009 on “Tech transfer: what is the best approach ?” ; on 11 October 2012 on “Influence of Intellectual Property in health development; a barrier or an incentive?” and on 10 February 2015 ”Patenting and licensing life-forms’. The venue of these meetings was the Colonster Castle of the University of Liege.

Nicole has been awarded an Honorary membership of LES Benelux.

The current President of LES Benelux, Laura MacDonald, values Nicole highly: “Having Nicole as an enthusiastic colleague on the LES Benelux Board showed me that licensing professionals within public-sector academic institutions can also find the time and energy to seek the sharing of their  expertise, committing their time and limited resources to achieve not only their daily tasks but to contribute to the wider community. LES Benelux has had a long tradition of engagement from its public sector members and Nicole has been a shining example, encouraging the next generation to step up and become involved. We hope that she will use her Honorary membership to continue to inspire and represent the voice of her community.”

Nicole wishes to continue promoting LES among the academic community and to help LES in its licensing and IP information mission.  We wish her well and look forward to continued co-operation with her in the future.

Nicole has the last word: “Last evening was one such event that one never forgets. Thank you again for such nice moments.”


Farewell dinner Nicole Antheunis