Dear Member,

LES Benelux is glad to announce its partnership with LES France for the first European Licensing Survey.

We would appreciate your feedback by March 28th

LES France has been releasing Licensing Surveys in the last 2 years based upon an online questionnaire and interviews of their French members.

With our participation this year, we almost double the participation panel for better insights on the European licensing practices.

We encourage you to take the survey for which you will not need more than 10 minutes :

The results will be released and presented in May and the report will be published on LES website.

Your feedback will help to better understand :

  • the licensing dynamic by industry:  major trends in strategy, negotiation, organization…
  • the legal environment and practices including quality issues with specific questions on China
  • and of course, the Salary packages.

All survey responses will be treated as confidential, and we will report only anonymous, aggregated results.

Thank you for your participation!


Bill Bird

President LES Benelux