Transactions Powered By Intellectual Assets: A Decision-Maker’s Perspective by Juergen Graner, Globalator LLC


Decision-makers in technology companies who embark on a high-growth strategy for their company will likely engage in one or more of the following five strategic transaction types to optimize shareholder value: alliances, licensing, spin-offs, acquisitions and divestments.

Full utilization of key intellectual assets (technology, brand and operational excellence) as core drivers for strategic transactions ensures best results when executed properly. The common success enabler for any intellectual asset is the human factor. Technology intellectual property based on patents and trade secrets needs to be enabled with team know-how. Brand intellectual property based on trademarks needs to be enabled with customer mindshare. Operational excellence intellectual property based on operational systems needs to be enabled with implementation skills.

Moreover, in order to make strategic transactions successful, decision-makers need to implement a continuous management process throughout all transaction phases. Solid preparation during the initial development phase and the proper management of the final implementation phase after a deal has been signed secure the ultimate value of a transaction.

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