LES International

In 1974, the overreaching international organization, LES International, was set up; LES is strictly non-political, and is free to grow by the creation of member societies throughout the world which conform to agreed professional standards, irrespective of politics or the state of technology development. On the 1st of July 2000, LES International was incorporated, and its official name is LES International Inc. Its Board of Directors is elected by a Board of International Delegates, the appointed representatives of each national or regional society.

For more information about LES International, please visit www.lesi.org

Regional societies

To date 33 national and regional societies have been founded, representing around 10,000 members in more than 85 countries worldwide. LES Benelux is one of the 14 European Societies. Each national or regional society, such as ours, is an autonomous body affiliated to LES International Inc., the management and control of which is vested in a board of delegates. These delegates are appointed representatives from each, in proportion to their membership numbers. Every year they elect a Board of Directors.

les Nouvelles

les Nouvelles is the journal of the LESI. The journal is published quarterly and is designed to further the knowledge of the societies members and others in improving their skills, techniques and knowledge in licensing and protecting Intellectual Property. Members of the LES receive les Nouvelles as part of their membership.

Global News

The electronic version of LES Global News ushered in a new way of receiving the LESI Society news and other features usually found in the “blue pages” of les Nouvelles. The “white pages” or scholarly articles will continue to be available in hard copy and as pdf files, as always.