Workshop “Complex Licensing Challenges”



November 09, 2016

Location: Thon Hotel EU, Brussels


Getting the deal

Preparing the deal, Kevin Nachtrab, Johnson & Johnson, Brussels (B)

  • Diligence Standards and Obligations
  • Treatment of Know-How and Confidential Information

Choice of law, Carmen Correa Martin, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (NL) and Dean Gordon, ASML, Veldhoven (NL

A session on:

  • Choice of law: roman vs common laws
  • ADR
  • How to deal with the applicable law of the contract vs the law attached to the intellectual property rights
  • Recent case law on decision not to pay royalties if the patent is revoked / in the absence of infringement


Hindsight is  a Wonderful Thing

A session on Financing, Guillemette Vital-Durand, Nutricia Research BV, Utrecht (NL) and Bart Van Oosterhout, Deloitte Contract Risk & Compliance, Brussels (B)

  • Net sales definition / reality check
  • Business case on royalties, splitting upfront payment and royalties
  • Auditing

Session on Exclusivity, Sublicensing and Cross-licensing, Reini van Leeuwen, IP consultant, The Hague (NL)

Session on  Term and Termination, Laura MacDonald, ASTP-Proton, Leiden (NL)

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