In memoriam Florent Gevers

FLORENT GEVERS is of Belgian nationality.

He obtained his University degree at the University of Louvain in Belgium and a Masters degree in Industrial Property at the University of Strasbourg in France.

He was president of GEVERS & PARTNERS N.V., a Trade Mark & Design Attorney law firm in Belgium (more than 25 lawyers dedicated to trade mark and design practice in Benelux (BElgium, NEtherlands, LUXembourg), in international trade marks (Madrid System) and Community Trade Marks. The last couple of years, he was a permanent consultant for the GEVERS GROUP on all aspects of Industrial Property until his retirement in June 2012.

He is a Benelux Trade Mark and Design Attorney, a registered European Community Trade Mark and Design Attorney and a registered European and Belgian Patent Attorney.

He was:

 Founder member of LES International and first International Treasurer.

 Founder member and President of LES Benelux – Member of Honour.

 Founder member and President of ECTA – Member of Honour.

 President of the Official Advisory Group to the Belgian Government on Industrial Property.

 Founder member and President of BMM (Association of Benelux Trade Mark and Design Practitioners)

– Recipient of the Wim Mark Award for his article on the foreseen new opposition procedure in the Benelux

–  BMM Member of Honour.

 President of the Belgian Group of AIPPI, holder of the AIPPI Award of Merits.

 Member of INTA (U.S.A.), ITMA (U.K.), APRAM (France) and PTMG (U.K.)

He was a visiting professor at the Universities of Alicante (Spain), Strasbourg (France), Fordham (New York) and K.U.B. (Brussels), where he regularly taught on the practical aspects of the International Trade Marks (Madrid), Community Trade Marks and its case law, and concerning which he has written different articles.

He extensively lectured and wrote on the CTM (Brussels – Athens – Alicante – Guernsey – New York – Chicago – Washington – Houston – San Francisco – Los Angeles –Tokyo -Melbourne), etc.

Florent wrote many articles and was also many times a lecturer at conferences and meetings.

Florent died on 23 October 2018 in the age of 84. Florent is survived by his wife, 5 children and 16 grandchildren.

He will be sadly missed by all his family, friends and former colleagues.