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Message by the president 21 December 2020

Dear members,

This year is finally drawing to a close, and I would like to briefly take a look back with you at the months past.

We started 2020 with the usual confidence of great things to come, journeys and meetings we were going to do, all of us, with a vision of growth and prosperity.

However, this proved flawed when late February brought life as we knew it to a grinding halt; with the first suspension of almost all face-to-face activities in more than half a century.  The raging pandemic has changed the world, and not spared our world of intellectual property and  technology transfer, as many of our vibrant activities came to a sudden standstill.

However, in times of great crisis, humanity has always resorted to uncharted and unprecedented solutions. Many innovations, not only those related to medical technologies have sprung up, and effectively drawn quite a few of our members into a whirlwind of licensing activities.

One must not forget the massive and collective stress we are still undergoing, and the importance of showing grace for others as well as for ourselves. Let me assure you that are not alone in your struggles!

Our society was trying to find a way to adapt to the situation. The LES Benelux, after all, is composed of like-minded people, bridging three countries, and much of our values are in our personal interactions, and the sharing of wisdom and experience.

This is where I would like to thank in particular our programme committee, our secretariat, and the volunteer speakers who were instrumental in enhancing our online presence, and in our virtual topic meetings in lieu of our previous courses and meetings.

We know that with the exciting news of medical developments there may be an end to the pandemic in sight, but we still have a long road to travel. As we come to the end of this challenging year, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work, for making the effort to overcome their personal challenges. My particular gratitude goes however to our loyal members that have kept the society alive.

A blessed festive season to you all, and be safe this holiday, as I want to see you all there in 2021, to  grow as a society to recover from the impact of this past year.

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Achim Krebs
President LES Benelux

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