LES Young Members Committee

The current YMC consists of the following committee members:

  1. Séverine Bouvy (CMS De Backer)
  2. Jan Vanbeckevoort (IMEC)
  3. Margriet van Vugt (Mendle)
  4. Laurens Hoezen (Erasmus MC)

A Young Members Committee (YMC) has been established within the LES Benelux organisation. We are a group of professionals, striving for continuous professional development in a social and informal setting. Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of licensing practices amongst peers in a multidisciplinary way.

YMC Benelux community and events

The YMC strongly believes that continuous improvement is key in today’s fast-paced technology landscape. Hence, connecting and interacting with each other beyond the boundaries of the work floor or comfort zone becomes increasingly important.

To that end, the YMC is dedicated to creating a strong community of young professionals (under the age of 40 or young at heart) active in licensing in a broad sense (legal, IP, business development, technical) within the Benelux. In that respect, we have closely aligned with the LES Benelux as well as the broader network of LES worldwide.

We promote exchanges within this community of young professionals by organizing gatherings or events aimed at sharing best practices, providing mentorship and developing soft skills.