16 November – Financial Clauses in The Hague

Members can find the Report on Royalty rates by LES USA&Canada (“2021 Global “life sciences” royalty rates & deal term survey”) at the website of LESI: Life Sciences Committee Reports (lesi.org)

(Non-members can acquire the report via LES USA&Canada for the amount of  800 dollars).


15 September – Use of (non) personal data in Brussels

Members can find handouts under “Presentations”


23 June – The power of Licensing in Rotterdam

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Webinars on UPC

LES France and LES Benelux joined forces to organize two webinars with the focus on the effects of the unitary patent, and the Unified Patent Court on the licensing world.

10 March Webinar Unified Patent Court: a new licensing dynamic will start in 2022 in Europe

In the first session, renowned experts in the field will set the scene by providing an introduction to the unitary patent system and unified patent court.
What shall we all know about the UP and the UPC? Where are we in the process? What needs to be done in your company during the transition phase? What are the competences of the courts ? How to litigate in the UPC ?

Please click here to find the replay of this first webinar

28 March webinar Unified Patent Court Part II: Practical advice about the impact on current and future license agreements

In a second session, implications of the UPC on existing and future licensing deals will be addressed from a practical viewpoint:
which typical patent license clauses needs attention? In this second session, we had an open panel discussion.



17 November Add-on on “Clauses Concerning Termination Events” in Brussels


12 October 2021 – Webinar on Cyber security

On 12 October a webinar on ’Cyber Security’ was held, from 11h45 to 13h30  CET.

 The program:

11:45    Opening by chairman Jurriaan Jansen (Norton Rose Fulbright LLP)

11:50    Discussion on the interplay between cyber security, confidentiality and trade secrets by Christian Prickaerts (Fox-IT) and Maurits Westerik (Coupry)

13:20    Closing remarks

 Program and speakers:

– Christian Prickaerts is the director of Managed Services & a board member at Dutch Cyber Security firm Fox-IT. He is a highly experienced information security professional with experience in a wide variety of cyber security cases, specialized in data and data security. Christian deems it important to share one’s experience and knowledge and as such he is a frequent speaker at conferences on topics related to information security.

– Maurits Westerik is an IP litigator and partner at the boutique firm Coupry, with particular expertise is in the field of electronics and software: a programmer and micro-electronics enthusiast himself, he enjoys working with engineers and technology-oriented clients. He teaches patent law and software protection at the Technical University of Delft and IP at the Biopharmaceutical Faculty in Leiden. Explaining how the law, business and technology interplay from a systematic viewpoint is the main theme of his public speaking and teaching

Christian and Maurits have discussed the interplay between cyber security, confidentiality and trade secrets, touching upon questions like: how does one deal with one’s precious R&D trade secrets, what kind of Chinese walls are appropriate when dealing with confidential information received from parties under NDA, what sort of security requirements can one ask for in licenses? Information security both in regard to private (e.g. competitors, hackers) and state actors (e.g. industrial espionage, dawn raids by authorities) have been touched upon.

For this webinar no handouts are available.


22 June –  AGM and Big data and Agriculture

Click here for the AGM papers 2021


17 June – Impacts for IP, Trade and Commercialisation Agreements

This online session organized by Claire Le Floch for Les France, was the third of a series of three, looking at the impact of the final Brexit Treaty, the “Trade and Cooperation Agreement between The European Union … and … the United Kingdom” from an Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Data perspective. This third session concentrated on what Brexit means on the freedom of movement of goods incorporating intellectual property rights as well as the vexed questions of law, jurisdiction and enforcement.

Please view the video and the slides via the website of LES France

18 February – “Brexit: Impacts for IP, Trade and Commercialisation Agreements”

This online session was the first of what we hope will be a series of three, looking at the impact of the final Brexit Treaty, the “Trade And Cooperation Agreement between The European Union … and … the United Kingdom” from an Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Data perspective. The first session will concentrate on what Brexit means for the historical interpretation of existing Intellectual Property licensing agreements, as well as future licensing agreements organised by LES France, LES Britain & Ireland and LES Benelux.

Please click here for slides and info on speakers


18 November – Software Specific Challenges in Licensing 

22 October – Trademarks in the Benelux and in the UK after Brexit

17 September    AGM and presentations on recent devlopments

30 June               Virtual Meeting on Force Majeure in IP and Technology Licenses, outsourcing and R&D agreements

The 2nd LES Benelux virtual meeting on “Force Majeure in IP and Technology Licenses, outsourcing and R&D agreements” has been held Tuesday 30 June. Mr. Richard Klieman, Solicitor (UK) / Avocat (FR) at Vasco Lawyers and former legal Director Europe at Applied Materials and Mr. Keith Chanroo, VP IP & Licensing at IMEC started a conversation among all LES Benelux members regarding Force Majeure with a practical case. Mr. Hannes Abraham, Senior Associate at Pierstone Brussels, Belgium, Mr. Jurriaan Jansen, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Mr. Vincent Wellens, Partner at NautaDutilh Luxembourg will add some specificities per jurisdiction.

Click here for their presentation.


14 May                  Virtual Meeting on IPR Regimes in Current Days of Crisis

IPR Regimes in Current Days of Crisis:  Can the Traditional IPR Ownership and Control of IPR be Harnessed to Foster Faster Solutions? Mr. Christophe Verbruggen, Director – Legal Affairs R&D EMEA of Janssen Pharmaceuticals (J&J) in Belgium,  had a conversation with LES Benelux members regarding licensing activities, in particular in collaborations between Academia and industry partners, but also among industry partners directly. Please find his presentation here


6 November           Complex Clauses in The Hague, The Netherlands

20 June                  Lessons learned from life sciences and AGM in Brussels, Belgium

21 March                Remembrance Meeting Florent Gevers in Brussels, Belgium


14 November      Complex Clauses in The Hague, The Netherlands

4 October            UPC UP and BREXIT – Harmony and Discord in The Hague, The Netherlands

12 June                Digital Disruption and AGM in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

6 March              GDPR and IP: how it will affect your (business) practices on IP in Brussels, Belgium

Programs of meetings before 2018:

Please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat if you are looking for one of the presentations given during these meetings.