26 September 2023 “Software Licensing in IP in Rotterdam

During this meeting we touched upon the basics of software, software licensing deals, recent developments on software, and other interesting software & intellectual property-related topics. A great opportunity to gain general and in-depth knowledge about software and how to deal with software in many forms.

The handouts will be available until 5 October 2023. Members will find the handout of presentations of this and earlier meetings under “Member pages”.

27 June 2023 “Is protection at risk?” in Brussels

On 27 June the Annual Meeting combined with a Topic Meeting “Is protection at risk? Data act vs trade secret legislation” was organised in Brussels, where 40 members enjoyed the presentations and lively discussions on this theme

Both the data act as the trade secret legislation were touched upon by Francine Cunningham  (Regulatory & Public Affairs Director at Bird & Bird in Brussels) in her sessionEnabling fair industrial data sharing in Europe? State of Play of the Data Act” and by Arina Gorbatyuk (Postdoctoral researcher at Centre for IT & IP Law from KU Leuven) on “EU Trade Secrets Directive, what does it mean for data?”. The practical side of data protection was shown by Noella Pierlet of Hospital Oost-Limburg

How this legislation is impacting industry and academia was addressed by Lien Delvoye, Johnson & Johnson Medtech, Brussels: “Impact of Data Act- the Medtech view: your data for my (trade) secrets?” and by Laura MacDonald, ASTP-Proton, Leiden.

After the presentation the day was concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Jurriaan Jansen from Norton Rose Fullbright and board member of LES Benelux where the panel tried to give an answer to ”Is protection at risk?”.

Members will find the handout of presentations under “Member pages“.

30 March 2023 Going on an IP (ad)venture: IP/Licensing & startups in Luxembourg

This full day  event that was organized on 30 March 2023 in Luxembourg by the Young Member Committee (YMC) of LES Benelux in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Members will find the handout of presentations under “Member pages”.

14 February 2023 – Webinar “UPC: do we know what we are going to get? And how do we prepare.”

Our  panelists Annelies Beckers (KU Leuven), Ceren Pala Okat (IP Business Partner at Philips ), Domien Op de Beeck (Partner at Bird & Bird Brussel) gave their view on a number of UPC-related topics particularly of interest for the licensing practice. Claudia Zeri (Partner at Coupry and Board member of LES Benelux) moderated the session

Topics of discussion that were discussed: 

  • Licensee participation to opt-in/opt-out (field of use, technology, territory etc);
  • Enforcement of patents with unitary effect
  • Views from Academia, private practice and Industry: converging or diverging?

Handout of the presentation “UPC-UP – some contractual issues to anticipate”  by Domien Op de Beeck (Bird & Bird, Brussels)

Members can find handouts from earlier events under “Presentations”