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LES Benelux is one of the thirty-three national and regional societies of the Licensing Executives Society. LES Benelux was formed in 1975 and has at present almost 400 members. It is the society for professionals and business people interested in licensing, the transfer of technology, and the commercialisation of intellectual property rights.

Members include managing directors, company executives, small business entrepreneurs, university licensors, campus company managers, inventors, venture capitalists, scientists, engineers, lawyers, patent and trademark agents, licensing consultants, marketing executives, academics and representatives from public bodies.

Upcoming events

for the year 2023

Tuesday 26 September 2023 – Topic meeting “Software Licensing in IP” in Rotterdam

Upcoming Tuesday 26th of September, LES Benelux is organizing a Software Licensing Event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We will touch upon the basics of software, software licensing deals, recent developments on software and other interesting software & intellectual property-related topics. This is a great opportunity to gain general and in-depth knowledge about software and how to deal with software in many forms. You will be able to exchange knowledge with other professionals from academia, industry and law firms participating in the licensing business. The event will take place in the Hilton Hotel near Rotterdam Central Station. Further detail on the program will be published soon. For registration see Upcoming Events

LES International

and LES Benelux

LES Benelux is one of the thirty-three national and regional societies of tLES International.

Founded in 1972, and incorporated in 2000, LES International (LESI) is the umbrella organization of national and regional associations for licensing executives. A Board of Directors and Board of Delegates, consisting of representatives of all national and regional societies, oversee the activities of LESI.

LES International functions as a non-profit professional organization to broadly support LES Societies in their efforts. Please see the LESI website for further information.

LES Pan-European Conference 2023 – Extension of the Early Bird period

This year LES Israel organises the LESI 2023 Pan-European Conference which will be held on 10-11 October 2023 in Jerusalem, Israel. The 2023 Pan-European Conference will include exciting professional panels and roundtables on some of the…

WILA – Women in Licensing Alliance

WILA Women in Licensing Alliance Advance the growth of women in leadership through education, mentoring and networking opportunities. WILA will serve as a gathering point for education on the international efforts advancing the skills…

Bill Bird honorary member

During the LES Benelux Annual Meeting in Brussels, the Board of LES Benelux appointed William Bird an honorary member for his long and outstanding commitment and extraordinary services to the association.


Regulation (EC) No 316/2014 will expire on 31 March 2025. The social discussion of the new version of TTBER is ongoing. More information can be found here.  The first feedback is open from 25 November 2022 with a deadline of 23 December…

5th edition of the annual Paris conference on SEPs and FRAND

LES France and APEB co-organize the 5th edition of the annual Paris conference on SEPs and FRAND Tuesday 22 November 2022, hosted in Paris and live-streamed online Location : The offices of Allen & Overy in Paris (FR)   For…

Paul Janssen Futurelab online course about intellectual property

The Paul Janssen Futurelab online course about intellectual property is running now at full throttle and the next edition starts on 31 October. Please note that participants can follow the five weeks course at the pace that they choose themselves. In…

Article of the Month July

les Nouvelles July 2022 Article of the Month: The Phenomenon Of Anti-Suit Injunctions And Extraterritorial Implications   Extract by Valentina Piola (Sisvel) of the webinar organized by LES Italia on the theme “Anti-suit injunctions under…

les Nouvelles May 2022 Article of the Month

Open Source And Formal Standardisation: How To Achieve A Win-Win Situation, Jesús Alonso Pérez The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of (highly efficient and reliable) connectivity. Despite not being able to travel, we…
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