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LES Benelux is one of the thirty-three national and regional societies of the Licensing Executives Society. LES Benelux was formed in 1975 and has at present almost 400 members. It is the society for professionals and business people interested in licensing, the transfer of technology, and the commercialisation of intellectual property rights.

Members include managing directors, company executives, small business entrepreneurs, university licensors, campus company managers, inventors, venture capitalists, scientists, engineers, lawyers, patent and trademark agents, licensing consultants, marketing executives, academics and representatives from public bodies.

Upcoming events

for the year 2023

LES Benelux (lunch) Webinar: Software License Audits

Now that the corona crises has past, companies are taking a closer look at their businesses seeking for opportunities to save money. One of these opportunities is for IT companies to review the licenses of their clients updating conditions of expiring licenses, but also investigate on the correct use of the agreed licenses. Does their client not exceed the number of end users and is the client using their software applications for the correct purposes?

This (lunch)webinar, organized in collaboration with the LES Benelux Young Members Committeewill provide participants a unique opportunity to learn more about the software audit process from both, client and IT company perspectives in the broadest sense. Topics like how to receive auditors, audit tactics, settlement, disputes and more will be discussed.

For more information and registration see Upcoming Events

LES International

and LES Benelux

LES Benelux is one of the thirty-three national and regional societies of tLES International.

Founded in 1972, and incorporated in 2000, LES International (LESI) is the umbrella organization of national and regional associations for licensing executives. A Board of Directors and Board of Delegates, consisting of representatives of all national and regional societies, oversee the activities of LESI.

LES International functions as a non-profit professional organization to broadly support LES Societies in their efforts. Please see the LESI website for further information.

Congratulations to new LESI president and president-elect

On behalf of the LES Benelux Board and LES Benelux YMC we wish to congratulate Sonja London in her new challenging role as President of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). We also take the opportunity to congratulate our former…
On 28 May the LESI Young Member Committee will organise a webinar in the Pan-European Webinar Series on "Trade Secrets: A European Perspective". Registration is open now! AGENDA: Introduction by LESI YMC Chair EU Overview …

IE-Net organises course Exploitatie en beheer van IE rechten

As from September 2024 IE-Net Belgium organises a course "Exploitatie en beheer van IE rechten" (in Dutch) See the website Exploitatie en beheer van Intellectuele Eigendom | ie-net for further information. Members of LES Benelux enjoy a discount. De…

LESI Annual Conference 2024

The LESI International Conference 2024 will be held from 28 till 30 April 2024 in Madrid. The conference is themed: Log in to the future An economy driven by data, the tokenization of business models, the new internet architecture (web…

Bill Bird honorary member

During the LES Benelux Annual Meeting in Brussels, the Board of LES Benelux appointed William Bird an honorary member for his long and outstanding commitment and extraordinary services to the association.
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