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LES Benelux is one of the thirty-three national and regional societies of the Licensing Executives Society. LES Benelux was formed in 1975 and has at present almost 400 members. It is the society for professionals and business people interested in licensing, the transfer of technology, and the commercialisation of intellectual property rights.

Members include managing directors, company executives, small business entrepreneurs, university licensors, campus company managers, inventors, venture capitalists, scientists, engineers, lawyers, patent and trademark agents, licensing consultants, marketing executives, academics and representatives from public bodies.

Upcoming events

for the year 2020

On 18 February you are invited to join the webinar “Brexit: Impacts for IP, Trade and Commercialisation Agreements” – a joint meeting of LES Benelux, LES France and LES Britain & Ireland.

This online session is the first of what we hope will be a series of three, looking at the impact of the final Brexit Treaty, the “Trade And Cooperation Agreement between The European Union … and … the United Kingdom” from an Intellectual Property, Information Technology, and Data perspective.

All presentations of earlier meetings can be found under Past Events.

The Licensing Course will be postponed until 2021.

LES International

and LES Benelux

LES Benelux is one of the thirty-three national and regional societies of tLES International.

Founded in 1972, and incorporated in 2000, LES International (LESI) is the umbrella organization of national and regional associations for licensing executives. A Board of Directors and Board of Delegates, consisting of representatives of all national and regional societies, oversee the activities of LESI.

LES International functions as a non-profit professional organization to broadly support LES Societies in their efforts. Please see the LESI website for further information.

IE Symposium Online on 17 March 2021

On Wednesday 17 March the annual IE Symposium will be held online. Unfortunately, we cannot meet in Zeist this year. The program committee has put together an interesting and interactive program. During the morning sessions, the highlights…

les Nouvelles January 2021 Article of the Month

les Nouvelles January 2021 Article of the Month Estimating The Value Of Patents: Reliability Of Automated Methods by Héctor Axel Contreras Alvarez, L.L.M, Ericsson, Gemany Cutting-edge technologies being adopted in new sectors (automotive,…

End of year message

Dear members, This year is finally drawing to a close, and I would like to briefly take a look back with you at the months past. We started 2020 with the usual confidence of great things to come, journeys and meetings we were going to…

les Nouvelles December 2020 Article of the Month

Transactions Powered By Intellectual Assets: A Decision-Maker's Perspective by Juergen Graner, Globalator LLC Abstract Decision-makers in technology companies who embark on a high-growth strategy for their company will likely engage in one…

Course ‘Handhaving van octrooirechten – litigation’ in 2021

IE-Net, the engineers association in Belgium starts its course on 'Handhaving van octrooirechten - litigation' in January 2021 The course will be held in Dutch and all course days will be in Antwerp. Members of LES Benelux receive a discount…

LES Global News September 2020 Issue

Please click here to read the full issue of LES Global News September.

Presentation on IPR Regimes in Current Days of Crisis

On 14 May LES Benelux held its first virtual meeting on "IPR Regimes in Current Days of Crisis: Can the Traditional IPR Ownership and Control of IPR be Harnessed to Foster Faster Solutions?" Mr. Christophe Verbruggen, Director – Legal Affairs…
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