What is CLP Certification?

The CLP credential distinguishes professionals working in the fields of licensing, business development and commercialization of intellectual property. The goal of the CLP program is to elevate the licensing profession by establishing a standard of knowledge that will differentiate professionals who have taken the steps necessary to become certified. The CLP program was designed to provide an inclusive environment for licensing professionals from varied backgrounds, therefore leveraging the multidisciplinary nature of the licensing field based on certain knowledge standards.

Why should you earn the CLP credential?

Achieving CLP certification:

  • Establishes credibility among your colleagues and peers.
  • Shows that you understand and utilize the latest industry practices.
  • Fulfills personal and professional goals for career development and opens up more opportunities in your career for advancement and job mobility
  • Provides greater visibility to the licensing profession, your profession, with added credibility and prestige.
  • Recognizes your experience and qualifications as well as your commitment to continuing education and professional development.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the licensing profession as a career

What is the process for achieving certification?

Professionals meet eligibility requirements by holding a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university and having at least three years of professional experience in the licensing field. After submitting the CLP application and application fee, the applicant is notified of the ability to sit for the CLP exam.

The three hour exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions covering eight major performance domains: strategy, intellectual property protection, opportunity assessment and development, valuation, marketing, agreement development and drafting, negotiation and agreement management. The full content outline is available on the CLP web site. The exam is offered throughout the months of April and October each year at test sites throughout the world.

Visit the CLP web site to learn more. Contact CLP at clpinfo@licensingcertification.org with any questions.